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Opensea Guide

Our NFTs utilise randomly verifiable functions with limited minting, for in-game assets. An important aspect is accessibility to NFT traders.
With the recent announcement that Opensea will now support the BNB Chain, the development team has enhanced the NFT contract code to ensure we support Opensea APIs.
Such integration will allow both collectors and traders of Orclands NFTs to immediately trade on Opensea — a platform which hit $4.86 billion in trading volume in 2022.
The rarity of the top NFT items is 2%, therefore, we should see prices for these NFT items greatly appreciate in value given the future utility plans such as NFT staking for rewards and the Gen 2.0 breeding program.

Orclands NFTs and Opensea

By connecting your wallet to Opensea, you will be able to see on Opensea information such as price history, current listings and any offers made to you for your Orclands NFTs.
In the description section you will be able to see a short description of the NFT, along with information relating to the levels of the NFT.
Warrior Orc example NFT on
The levels define the in-game Unreal Engine 5 based ability to battle your friends and villains. Item Activity will show details such as when the NFT was initially minted.
Warrior Orc example NFT Metadata on
You can also list your Orclands NFTs for sale on Opensea either as an auction or at a fixed price, specifying the price in BNB or BUSD.
Orclands NFT List for Sale
Leveraging Opensea will provide Orclands with immediate global visibility and access to our collection.

Opensea Collections

It is not recommended that you trade Barracks Land NFTs on Opensea. These NFTs have limited Battle Arena entry, and the permits may be used. This would make the NFT worthless.