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Gaming & Blockchain

"The gaming market is set to grow by USD 125.65 billion from 2020 to 2025, with the integration of blockchain as the key driver" (Technavio Nov 17, 2021)
Orclands is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the booming gaming market by leveraging the development team’s 20+ years’ experience in mobile and gaming platform development. This gives us with a significant head start over other start-ups because we do not need intensive initial capital for skilled resources that do not come easily on the market. Our skilled in-house team means we have the tools to deliver and deliver on time.
A problem to be solved is that whilst decentralized finance "DeFi" apps are seen to address global economic barriers, whilst individuals are keen to participate, decentralised finance has a large trader and investor persona associated to it, which to many equates to risk due to lack of trader knowledge. The blockchain’s decentralised nature allows truly global reach and scale. So how do we remove the trader persona, simplify the use of the blockchain and make it fun?
This is where game finance "GameFi" can solve the DeFi problem by maintaining in-game asset value and allowing the gamer to potentially earn whilst playing and collecting. Players and NFT owners can convert tokens back to FIAT (local currency). This takes away the need to determine when you should buy and/or sell, thereby eliminating the risk of trading for the gamer.