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Orclands Metaverse is a video game developed using Unreal Engine. Players control 3D Orc characters in different landscapes which represent different immersive gaming experiences. Our vision is to make Orclands a household name in the gamer community, available on many devices and platforms.
Our game is based around play, collect and earn. If you have ever played or heard of games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Elden Ring or The Elder Scrolls; Orclands is a very similar 3D gaming experience with in-game items, with a difference - we are connecting our game to the power of the blockchain.
Non-blockchain games allow purchase of gameplay items, for example gear, that cannot be resold by the gamer. With blockchain technology, Orclands will allow purchased gameplay items to increase in value, due to a finite supply, and they can be resold in a gamers marketplace to other players. Additionally, gamers can potentially earn prizes and tokens through gameplay, and these can also be cashed out in the marketplace or exchanged.