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Question 1: Could you explain the purpose of lobbies?
Response 1: Lobbies contain list of available rooms for players to enter e.g. we would have rooms with 3 players each to fight in the arena. A player would first enter the lobby and then via matchmaking, get assigned to a room.
Question 2: How many Metaverses are currently being worked on, and how long does it take to develop one?
Response 2: At the moment for the first release we only have one metaverse and that is the Arena. For this Q, it would help to be a bit more descriptive e.g. we plan to have worlds which are open deserts, farmland with undulating hills, mountains, castles, caves etc. and many more worlds where a player can teleport to and from where the teleporter acts as the bridge between metaverses.
Question 3: How long after the release of Arena can we expect to see an open world game? Response 3: A mini-map will be used for the player to visualise where enemies are located, e.g. across a lake or river, on the other side of a mountain etc. so the player may need to swim, hire a boat or fly a small plane or even drive a vehicle to get to the location as shown on the mini-map considering a metaverse/world could be many 10's or 100's of kilometers wide/long. This open world will be next after Arena and depending on the features, e.g. boats, planes, buggies etc would shape and define the “how long” question.
Question 4: Are you considering other networks like polygon?
Response 4: Only ETH.
Question 5: The ZiL chain is releasing a gaming console, maybe it's something for orcs as well, if we ever would consider other networks.
Response 5: ZIL is terrible performance and low user adoption. Mostly marketing. Will take 5+ years to develop so no.
Question 6: How long after release can we expect new classes, like ranger?
Response 6: I would say it depends on the complexity of skills that player has. Let's take ranger with its bow and arrow plus other skills, then we have the wizard with magic spells and vast range of effects.
Question 7: How many different rooms are currently being worked on? What type of rooms will be available to explore, and what are their purpose?
Response 7: So at a high level, we start with regions (US, AU, UK ....), where each region has many rooms (100's or even 1000's) and a room in itself is a network representation of players / teams with each room's having their own set of characteristics. Rooms can have a max of 16-32 players and we assign the metaverse to the room. Let me give you some example use cases here of which we can create several: Scenario: We have 5 global regions with up to 1000 rooms in each region containing the Arena metaverse. Bear in mind that players should only communicate to rooms within the same region. Now we have 3 players versing each other in an Arena room in a region where the 3 players can communicate with each other and so now we are talking about 1000 x 3 a total of 3000 players concurrently playing in Orclands just for one region. There is no upper limit on the number of rooms.
Question 8: Will there be rewards for finishing high up the leader board?
Response 8: So we will have leader boards for each region AU, US, UK etc. and the matchmaker program will see fit to arrange highly skilled players against highly skilled players where the leaderboard will assist in that process. The matchmaking program is an intelligent system where players will join rooms with intelligently processed matchmaking guiding who will be in the that specific room based on skills, player levels etc. Also, a player can choose his friends list by defining who they are based on a unique ID given to each player. So when you first start, you will select your friends and then the matchmaker will search for friends that are in lobbies to get them into the arena room.
Question 9: Will there be different styles of Arena? If so, can we expect them to be released at the same time (or very soon after the original release)?
Response 9: The Arena and all of the different level NFTs (weapons, avatars) with an array of different melee, skills animation will provide more than enough variety and fun. Open world will be next.
Question 10: Will there be team vs team and player vs player leagues of varying durations and prize money?
Response 10: We will be doing fortnightly releases upon which we will also roll out Team vs Team but first release will be PvP. As for prize money, we may start with a very simple concept of each player being charged an entry fee into the arena where the winner takes the lot. This way we operate in a fully sustainable model and keep the value of ORC protected.
Question 11: What if we have a ledger attached to an account? Will we need it in order to change avatars in the middle of a fight, change weapons in the middle of a fight, etc?
Response 11: UE Game checks wallet to confirm NFT ownership. It is a read, nothing needs signing. When the game first starts, all NFTs on the blockchain for the players specific wallet are loaded into the game- hence no need to go back to blockchain each time a player wants to change their avatar or weapon during battle. Where new NFT's are purchased, these will be updated at the start of a new game for now. We will have some feature rich rooms for allowing avatars and weapons to be changed during battle where a player can change between any of their purchased NFTs. NFTs come at different levels as do weapons hence would make for a truly spectacular game very high rewards.
Question 12: Will there be a max/min amount regarding wagering?
Response 12: Devs will decide on the fixed amounts where a players agree on the amount before entering and playing in the game room.


Question 1: -Daily Quest PVP many possibilities, example : Win 5 fights, participate to 10 fights etc.... will stimulate people to play everyday. -Weekly Quests / Monthly quests (rewards TBD spirits / nfts / etc...) -PVP Season rewards for top leaderboard -PVP deathmatch mode 10 people, only one will survive :p For future when we are out of the arena : -Capture the Flag -Defend a point
Response 1: All of the above are within the game's capabilities and we can implement these features over a fortnightly based release schedule. More detail on the very first point would be useful i.e.: Win 5 fights, participate to 10 fights
Question 2: -Variety in gameplay is crucial, different classes, skills, harder part is a great balance, one overpowered class and we will see only those playing.
Response 2: We have many different character types planned e.g. Ranger Male L1—> L5 Ranger Female L1—> L5 Thief Male L1—> L5 Thief Female L1—> L5 Warrior Male L1—> L5 Warrior Female L1—> L5 Wizard Male L1—> L5 Wizard Female L1—> L5 Priest Male L1—> L5 Priest Female L1—> L5 And each character type will have their own set of different animations and effects. Most MMORPG games dont usually have more than 5 main character types
Question 3: -Talent tree to customize every classes would be amazing -Personnal Ranking & profile (more you play more you grow)
Response 3: Not provided
Question 4: -Experience system for avatars (everytime an orc level up he gains some boost +strenght +hp etc...)
Response 4: We can and should also add Xp.
Question 5: -PVE Mode like we had in freemium could be great also for quests, and players who doesnt like PVP, there are many of them.
Response 5: After the Arena, we will be moving into many different worlds with caves, buildings, and many different outlets where Quests can thrive and at the same time all of the enemies that existed in Freemium and more can come to life during an avatar's quest
Question 6: -Cosmetic stuff, hats, skins etc...
Response 6: The initial release has fixed skins, and clothing however it is entirely possible for changing the clothes, armor, skin colour etc. and will be done within a future release
Question 7: -Weapons & armor declinaisons : normal one, rare / epic / legendary (stimulate buys, value of nfts, could do marketing bundles and promos)
Response 7: No response
Question 8: What is the strategy for marketing regarding the launch of the Orclands Resurrected token and afterwards?
Response 8: The detail of the response to this question is better answered by the marketing team suffice to say that we are aware how important it is to get marketing strategy right and to put it into action prior to and during relaunch
Question 9: Will the game be released well before the token’s launch?
Response 9: I am a developer and as such I am not the best person to answer this question
Question 10: When will we be able to get a sneak peek at the open deserts, farmland with undulating hills, mountains, castles, caves etc?
Response 10: As mentioned when we first started this series, Q's related to when things will be delivered are not part of this forum however, Q's relating to how long something will take to build are different Q's and acceptable I will put together some open worlds within the next few weeks to give everyone a glance of what tremendous quality will be implemented into the metaverses of Orclands with our Unreal Engine 5.x expertise
Question 11: Are there any plans for live streaming of battles (perhaps to be hosted on Orcland’s YouTube channel)? Response:
Response 11: .... coming
Question 12: Will there be a substantial difference between mobile and PC regarding the ability of players to control their Orcs?
Response 12: Not entirely sure on what this Q is referring to suffice to say that Unreal Engine's mechanism for controlling movement, rotation, and animation for mobile and PC is top grade.
Question 13: What current game can the graphics/gameplay of Orclands Arena be compared to (not a crypto-based game, just a typical one)?
Response 13: Great question and after playing Freemium and seeing what we are putting together, I will leave the answer to this Q in the groups hands.
Question 14: Will Orclands Arena be available in different languages?
Response 14: It will be supporting multiple languages in the same way Unreal Engine does now with all of it's catalog of released games
Question 15: Will the voice chat/chat be moderated?
Response 15: I would like to think YES