Orclands Metaverse
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Orclands will enable staking so that you can earn rewards for locking your ORC tokens for a specified period of time. The ORC tokens earned through staking come from staking rewards pools, a separate pool per lock period.
There will be three types of pools:
  • Stake ORC to Earn ORC
  • Stake ORC to Earn SPIRITS
  • Stake NFT* to Earn ORC
For ORC staking, please see the ORC staking user guide for further information: https://docs.orc.land/plans-and-guides/orc-staking-guide​
For NFT staking, please see the NFT staking user guide for further information: https://docs.orc.land/plans-and-guides/nft-staking-guide​
*Only Level 5 qualifies for NFT staking