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Our Model

Orclands is predominately an action-based skills game attracting gamers as well as collectors of in-game assets that will appreciate due to the finite supply. There is also the chance to earn from gameplay, however this is not guaranteed because the best players will be more likely to earn. Skill takes time to develop, hence attracting gamers who will love to spend time playing Orclands. Do not expect to buy an NFT, stake it, and automatically earn a passive income.
The below diagram depicts the gameomics of Orclands, best summarised:
  • Initial purchase fees for NFT will flow as follows: a) ORC tokens 100% burnt, and b) BNB 100% sent to the treasury.
  • There is a 0.10 BNB listing fee for every Orc Markets resale of an NFT which goes to the treasury. This can be adjusted to suite BNB market conditions.
  • The treasury builds funds from these purchases and a percentage is invested in high yield investments to provide growth for the project. Another percentage of the treasury funds are used to support the rewards pool for game play. This is essentially the bridge between DeFi to GameFi. There is an option for the treasury to also perform buy backs if the balance permits.
  • Trading transactions are taxed 1-4% and sent to the liquidity pool to support trading; 1-4% burnt to provide a deflationary mechanism; and 1-4% to holders as reflections.
  • Players purchasing NFTs for gameplay lock these NFTs into the game, meaning that they cannot be sold on the market. Once locked, they are only available in the game inventory system.
  • Game play may result in rewards in the form of tokens and/or NFTs. NFTs can be sold in the market by players. Rewards tokens can be used to purchase NFTs, or can be swapped for tokens via the rewards pool, before swapping on a DEX such as pancakeswap.
Our model