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Genesis Warlords Clan

The Orclands Genesis Warlords Clan program is designed to reward early NFT minters and ORC token holders via monthly airdrops.
GWC Classifications
To qualify as a Genesis Warlord you will need to:
  • purchase and hold Genesis Orc NFTs (tokens IDs 1 to 500)
  • purchase and hold ORC tokens
The amount of Genesis ORC NFTs and ORC tokens held will determine your Genesis Warlords ranking. The quantities held to determine ranking might be adjusted to match market conditions at any point in time.
The higher the ranking, the more monthly airdrops you will receive. The airdrop date for ranking calculation and NFT airdropped is randomly determined. The counts will be determined from a single holder wallet address, meaning the NFTs and ORC tokens must be in your wallet i.e. ORC tokens cannot be staked.
The following table highlights the payments schedule for each ranking. The totals are not cumulative; meaning a single payment will be made for the ranking your wallet is classified. For example, if you hold 2.5M ORC tokens and 5 Genesis NFTs at time of calculation, then you are classified as a Shaman. If there are at time of calculation 10 Shamans, then your 1/10th share of the available monthly pool of 750,000 SPIRITS and 750,000 ORC tokens will be paid. For NFTs, these are paid to each wallet, for example, each Shaman would receive 3 random Weapon NFTs.
GWC Payment Schedules
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