Orclands Metaverse
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Orclands is a metaverse because it has many 3D virtual areas connected through a social gaming experience. Although the social experience is focussed on gaming, there are future aspects of game development, such as player versus player and team hunts, which connect players. Our metaverse will continue to expand in terms of new worlds for gameplay, but also in terms of accessibility through the support of multiple Unreal Engine game consoles and social interaction, by allowing player characters to virtually connect with other player characters.
Initial plans for metaverse 3D virtual areas of gameplay are:

Battle Arena

Battle Arena is the first area of gameplay that allows players to become familiar with the immersive style of gameplay as they fight for survival. Players can select an Orc character from their inventory of Orcs to battle against a wave of villains (the bad guys) who are defending the mighty Mega Orc (the boss).
Within the Battle Arena there is a large range of weapons, armour and items that players can equip their Orc characters with to support combat. The battle will not be easy and will require a level of skill and practise.


As they say, 'hard work pays off', and players have an opportunity to work the farmlands for a chance of finding some treasure in the form of tokens. Land is scarce, so you need to secure your lot. You will also need to be vigilant because villains lay lurking everywhere, waiting to rob you of your hard earned tokens.

Catacomb Mines

Many items to assist in battle and farming cannot be purchased in the marketplace because they are ancient relics from times long ago. These items are found in the catacomb mines which are deep beneath the mountains. Exploration of the catacombs is not without danger because many traps and villains wait for unsuspecting Orcs to pass through the ruins.

The Great Hunt

Adventure waits for up to 100 players to join the great hunt. What are you hunting exactly? Well, you will have to wait and see …
Players signing up for a hunt pay an entry fee. This fee goes towards a prize pool awarded to the last Orc standing. If, however, the last Orc is beaten by the final villain, the prize pool is forfeited. Bounty can be collected during the great hunt for completing tasks which adds to the competitive nature of the hunt.

The Forge

The blacksmiths of Orclands have relit the forge in volcano Orcdor and mastered the ancient ways of smithing. Well seriously, it is a large volcano!
Creating new weapons is not as simple as it may sound; precious ore and other materials are needed for the forge, and these are guarded by dragons.

Orc Markets

Alive with activity, the markets are the place to buy, sell, swap or rent all the assets of the Orclands Metaverse. Most assets are available for purchase from the Orclands Markets, whilst some rarer NFT items can only be found during gameplay. The secondary market however is an additional area where assets other players have sold can be found, such as a rare item a player is willing to give up for a fee.
But beware! the Orc Markets are a place where disputes and fights often break out. Also, Orc thieves’ prey upon unsuspecting traders so protect your assets.