Orclands Metaverse
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Release Notes

Freemium 2.0 (released 17th June 2022)

  • Each wave now has an additional 30 seconds added.
  • Waves have been increased from 5 to 7. In wave 7 be prepared to battle 30 villains.
  • Vertical direction for camera reversed. This was implemented so the joystick/gamepad up/down control was reversed.
  • Added replay game button where you can restart game from anywhere by simply pressing the 3/4 crescent icon for Windows, MAC and Android users. If you are surrounded by enemies, all enemies will immediately die and health/mana will be reverted to 100% and game restarts at wave 1:
  • Added a reset to position function which pulls the player back to the start position no matter if the player is surrounding by enemies - you will see a new icon for all operating systems, however the icon is used on mobile and the character "Q" for windows and MAC since characters cant be used on mobile:
  • Fixed enemy spawn boxes to be in the centre of the arena, thereby resolving the issue with them spawning over fence.
  • Lessened difficulty for wave 4 and 5 - take a breather for wave 6 and 7!
  • Fences are higher and no escape hatches.
  • Migrated the changes to UE5 version in preparation for the NFT version release.

Freemium 2.1 (released 19th June 2022)

  1. 1.
    Restoration of mobile gamepad direction to the original setting
  2. 2.
    Reversal of the camera direction only